Water Storage Tank Selangor

Tank model : PCT6100
Tank size : 2250mm(d) x 2410mm(h) 1800mm(d) x 2575mm(h)
Tank capacity : 6140 litres
Colour available : Black or Natural
Application : Indoor & outdoor

Promatics's tank - one-piece tank, Food grade, non-toxic, UV resistant, chemical resistant, lightweight, maintenance-free
Threaded caps offer a more secure fit to protect threaded connections or leads on a variety of products. 
A liquid level gauge, also known as a liquid level indicator, is a meter for measuring liquid levels in a vessel such as a process tank, barrel, or drum. 
Tank Flanges are used to connect pipe-to-pipe, pipe to tank or vessel, and pipe to some other structure.

Fitting ladders to sectional tanks provide the operator with stable and safe access to the water / chemical tank to carry out inspection, maintenance and adjustment of tank controls.

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The term ball valve refers to the fact that the internal mechanism that is used to change the flow through the device is a spherical ball that has a hole drilled through it which serves as the valve's flow control.
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Tank model : PCT8700
Tank size : 2250mm(d) x 2410mm(h) 
Tank capacity : 8750 litres
Colour available : Black or Natural
Application : Indoor & outdoor