dosing tank

Promatics's loose-cover tanks are versatile storage containers made from durable plastic materials. These tanks feature removable or flexible lids that allow for easy access and sealing.
They are commonly used for storing liquids, chemicals, food products, and various other materials in industrial, agricultural, and residential settings.

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Dosing Tank - 100 litres
Model : PMD100
Dimension : 450mm(d) x 700mm(h) 
Capacity : 120 litres
Come with : 
1 x 150mm handhole
1 x Pump support
Dosing Tank
Tank model : PLC270
Tank size : 630mm(d) x 965mm(h)
Tank capacity : 270 litres
Colour available : Black or Natural
Application : Indoor & outdoor
Threaded caps offer a more secure fit to protect threaded connections or leads on a variety of products.